1999 Stoddard Hamilton Glastar

Original configuration when purchased in 2011:
Basic VFR aircraft
Lycoming O-320-E2D 150hp
Fixed pitch metal climb prop (61" pitch)
Icom IC-A200 COM Radio
Two Place Intercom
Bendex/King KT-76A Transponder with Mode C / Altitude
Standard "6 pack" steam gauge instruments
4 Cylinder EGT/CHT, Oil Temp/Press, Volts, RPM
Nav/Strobe lights
Lighted Instruments
Electric Pitch Trim

Mar 2011:
Complete engine teardown, inspection, and reassembly
New bearings replaced in the lower end rated for a 160hp upgrade
AD performed on the oil pump gears
Cylinders honed and new rings installed
Engine repainted and all new gaskets, seals, etc installed
208 hours on the engine at this time since complete overhaul in 1998
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Current configuration:
Glass panel IFR aircraft
Lycoming O-320-E2D 150hp
Rotec TBI (Throttle Body Injector)
Impulse mag on left side, FlyEFII SDS Electronic Ignition on the right
Fixed pitch metal prop (63" pitch)
GRT Two axis autopilot
Avidyne IFD540 WAAS GPS/ILS/COM IFR Navigator
Nav 122 ILS
Icom IC-A200 COM Radio
PS 7000MS Audio Panel
Trig TT22 Transponder with ES - ADS-B Out (1090 Mhz)
Dual Band ADS-B IN - wired to GRT HX EFIS and wireless to Ipad/Android
GRT EIS (Engine Information System) - EGT/CHT/Fuel Flow, etc
Dual Bus redundant electrical system with Main and Aux batteries, single Alternator
Panel mounts for Ipad (WingX or Foreflight) and Android (GRT attitude display) tablets
Nav/Strobe lights - LED Landing light - Heated Pitot Tube
Electric Pitch and Roll Trim - Mechanical In-flight Rudder Trim
Alternate Static Air
Removable Baggage floor with storage compartments
R/L/Both/Off Andair fuel selector
Engine Oil Pan electric pre-heater
APRS equipped
50 Gallons fuel total
2100lb gross weight